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Community Employment Services

Community Employment Services (CES) division is a full-service employment agency for businesses in Northwest Ohio. 


If your business has individual staffing needs, we can identify candidates to fulfill a variety of positions within your company. CES can prescreen the candidates to ensure that each person meets the specific expectations of each position. CES can provide on-site training, as needed, to ensure that you have a fully trained and valuable team member. And CES can provide ongoing support of each worker, to ensure that as positions change or job responsibilities change each worker will keep pace with the changes.

If your company has time-limited or on-going needs for groups of workers, to help with business fluctuations CES can help meet your needs. CES can contract with your company to provide on-site supervised workers to help you with your customers’ demands, much like a temporary employment company.

CES has been providing these services to businesses large and small since 1985 - We can be reached at 419.352.5059

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