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Why choose wli?

Why work with us?  Work Leads to Independence seeks to provide a work environment that encourages direct and open communication between employees and management.  For this reason, the organization has adopted a formal open door policy.  We encourage open communication, feedback, and discussion about any matter of importance to an employee. wli has guiding principles that drive us as a business and these priority values are ever-present as we continue to develop our business and services.  We have three customers:  individuals with disabilities, business and community partners and funders, accreditation agencies and referral sources.  Our staff members are our most valuable resource, our services are community-based, and the sustainability of our organization ensures available services to individuals well into the future.


Who are we? Work Leads to Independence assists people we serve in maximizing their community participation and personal achievements.  We envision a future where all people know they are welcomed and valued members of their communities.  We will know this when people express an understanding of their unique talents, skills and needs, an understanding of the benefits in making one’s own responsible decisions regarding life activities, the pursuit of employment, a sense of respect and affirmation by the members of their community along with personal safety and security being included in the everyday rhythm of life.  

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