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Community Inclusion:

We all know that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.  To that end, wli has developed their Community Inclusion Service to help people have access to their community.  Full participation in the community includes having access to those activities which are meaningful to each person.  wli offers a variety of different opportunities to help each individual to do just that.  Through our Community Inclusion Service our talented Ally team members will help you get connected with activities in your community, such as:

Exercise/Fitness                  Spiritual/Worship                 Hobbies & Crafts

Learning/Education            Volunteerism                        Sports

Caregiving                            Shopping                               Travel Training

Community Inclusion Services can be delivered individually or in small groups of people who have common interests.  Contact us at (419) 352-5059 to learn more about all of these activities.


Non-Medical Transportation:

Work Leads to Independence is fully aware that many of the people we serve need assistance in getting to work or to community inclusion activities.  Some people have access to public or family transportation which is always the preferred choice.  wli offers Non-Medical Transportation Services for those people who don’t have access to those types of rides or are in need of a service with more assistance than a taxi service or public transportation can provide. This is a door-to-door service to allow people full access to employment or community inclusion activities.   Please reach out to us at (419) 352-5059 for more details on how we might be able to serve you or your family member. 


Homemaker – Personal Care Services:

One of our core beliefs is that we want each person to be as independent as possible in every aspect of their life.  In addition to our employment and community-inclusion services, wli offers Homemaker-Personal Care services, which is a variety of services, supports, and supervision necessary to help people learn to be more independent and to ensure the health and welfare of an individual who lives in the community. This service is always delivered at the person's home or in the community and is intended to increase the independence of everyone they serve.  Please contact us at (419) 352-5059 to learn more.


Career Exploration:

This offers to you the opportunity to meet face to face the people who do the actual work that interests you.  Shadowing, observing, interviewing and closely investigating what work environment, what tasks, and what industry is the place for you.  Once you have explored your interests you will be prepared to try your hand at the work duties related to that business.

Career Based Assessment:

This assessment helps you to find out more about your skills and interests as you participate in hands- on experience performing tasks on the job for a limited time.  Complete immersion in the actual career allows you to evaluate the work culture and the job duties so that you can make an educated decision about your future employment goals.

Job Development and Placement:

This is the opportunity to access support to actually get that job and achieve your employment dream.  A specialist will help you with the job search and to prepare for the interview that lies ahead.  They will assist you in selling your skills to the best possible employer of your choice.  You will have the personal support of someone who takes the time to match your interests to the job market.  A developer is an agent to your success.

Job-Site Coaching:

Once you have that job, a coach is there to help you with your learning needs on the job. They will be of support to you as long as you feel you may need support. Organizing your work flow and learning the tricks of the trade are what you and your coach will accomplish together. Once you have met a level of comfort and confidence that coach will fade away.


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