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Our Training

wli understands that our employees are our most valuable resources.  wli will endeavor to encourage the individual growth of employees in developing and administering its practices.  It is the intent of wli to provide an opportunity for employees to grow in their skills and develop new levels of excellence in the belief that creating a work environment in which employees reach their goals for individual growth which will allow wli to also reach its goals.  wli understands that trained employees are essential to our success.  Employees will be required to complete orientation and all required training in a timely manner.  Employees will be notified will training sessions open and will be given deadlines for those trainings.

  • All of Work Leads to Independence employees go through a rigorous background check prior to hire – those checks include:

  • Acceptable Abuser Registry Verification from the following databases:

a. OIG List

b. Abuser Registry (ORC 5123:52)

c. Nurse Aide Registry (ORC 3721.32)

d. Sex Offender and child-victim offender database

e. The United States general services administration system for award management database

f. Incarcerated and supervised offenders (ORC 5120.066)

  • Acceptable Sheriff’s record check from county of permanent residence

  • Acceptable BCI & FBI check initially and every 3 years (FBI dependent on position being hired for)

  • Acceptable driver’s abstract

  • Acceptable pre-employment substance abuse testing and negative drug screen result

  • Copy of valid driver’s license

  • Before employing an applicant wli shall require the applicant to submit a statement with the applicant’s signature attesting that the applicant has not been convicted of or pleaded guilty to any disqualifying offense described in ORC 5123.081 and listed in ORC 109.572. An applicant or employee shall disclose to wli a conviction for any offense that has been sealed.

  • The applicant/employee must agree to notify the responsible entity within 14 days if, while employed by the responsible entity, the applicant is formerly charged with, is convicted of, or pleads guilty to a disqualifying offense described in ORC 5123.081 and listed in ORC 109.572.

Click the link below to see our in depth training program for our employees:

Our Accredidations

  • OOD Vendor

  • July 2016 – Fully accredited Home and Community-Based Service (HCBS) provider for the State of Ohio.

  • August 1985 – Fully accredited provider of Employment Services for the Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (Formerly Rehabilitation Services Commission)

  • CARF accredited since 1984, in Employment Services, Community Integration, and Community Service Coordination.  We currently hold the maximum award (3-years) which expires in December of 2020.

  • We currently have eleven (11) individuals who are Certified Employment Supports Professional, which is a National Accreditation which recognizes those individuals as demonstrated experts in employment supports (Job Development, Job Coaching, On-going supports and service coordination).

  • Laser Cartridge Express holds national STMC certification.  A company that is STMC certified is one that has had their employees successfully trained by an authorized trainer in these internationally approved test methods, attests to using these test methods, and has purchased the correct test equipment.

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